The Chicago Laryngological and Otological Society encourages and fosters medical research and teaching. The annual Lederer-Pierce Award recognized clinical and basic science research by Otolaryngology residents and is a great testimonial to this commitment. Established in 1961 by Frances L. Lederer to honor the memory of his long time friend Norval H. Pierce, the award has stimulated a brisk congenial rivalry between the residents of the five medical school academic departments of otolaryngology.

Initially known as the Norval Pierce Prize, the award was proposed and funded by Dr. Lederer to recognize the contributions in teaching made by Dr. Pierce who was chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Illinois until his retirement in 1924. Dr. Pierce was charter member of the CL&O and became its president in 1903.

The name of Frances L. Lederer was linked to the progress of Otolaryngology for half a century. Dr. Lederer was a Chicagoan who, after graduating from Rush Medical College, sought specialty training in Otolaryngology in Vienna. In 1925 he was appointed Acting Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at Illinois and in 1936 was name Professor and Chairman of the Department. A devoted and tireless teacher, he gave his residents superior training and used his wisdom and influence to enhance the status and future of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery nationally and internationally. Throughout his career he received many honors and served in many leadership roles:

President  of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology; Captain in the U.S. Navy; member of the American Board of Otolaryngology; consultant to the Surgeon General of the United States. Although his awards were many, he is particularly remembered for his encouragement and inspiration to hundreds of medical students and generations of residents in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Shortly after his death in 1973, the Council of the Society to commemorate his memory in turn, designated the Prize as the Lederer-Pierce Award. The Award has been endowed by the Frances L. Lederer Foundation.

The 2019 Lederer-Pierce competition is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th, with presentations starting promptly at 5:00PM, and limited to 7 minutes per competitor.  Prizes this year are $750.00 for 1st place, $500.00 for 2nd place, and $250.00 for 3rd place.  Abstracts will be due no later than 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21.  Power Point presentations will be due by 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 28th.  All abstracts and presentations should be sent via email to Rich@RichardPaulAssociates.com. Please note that this is a different timetable that what you may have noted earlier. We will post some additional information in the very near future. Thank you!




1961 George H. Connor, M.D.



1982 Carl Wurster (NUMS)
1983 James Chow (U of Ill)
1984 Elise Deutsch (U of Ill)
1985 John Leonetti (Loyola)
1986 Garrett Herzon (NUMS)
1987 Luca Vassali (U of Ill)
1988 Peter Costantino (NUMS)
1989 Thomas Kaniff (Loyola)
1990 Peter Costantino (NUMS)
1991 Francisco Civantos (U of Ill)

1992 Michael Paciorke (U of Ill)
1993 Alan G. Micco (NUMS)
1994 Jeffrey Koempel (U of Ill)
1995 Mark Whipple (U of Ill)
1996 Mark Severtson (Loyola)
1997 Devan Desai (U of Ill)
1998 George Smyrniotis (U of Ill)
1999 Matthew Mingrone (U of Ill)
2000 Steven Gabel (Loyola)



Lederer- Pierce Winners:



First Place: Jacqueline Greene, MD, Northwestern
TITLE:  Neural Engineering & Regeneration in Otolaryngology

Second Place: Shiayin Yang, MD, Loyola
TITLE:  Gene Expression Profiling: Prognostic Factor in Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Third Place: Cheryl Nocon, MD, University of Chicago
TITLE: Factors Affecting Delays to Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, 1998-2011: A Report from the National Cancer Data Base


First Place: Lauren Murrill, M.D., Loyola
Title: Targeting Toll-Like Receptors to Prevent Skin Cancer

Second Place: Jason Bell, M.D., Loyola
Title: Effects of a Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Free Radical Scavenger on Gene Expression in the Facial Nerve Motor Nucleus After Axotomy

Third Place: David Walker, M.D., University of Chicago
Title: Fluoroquinolone-Resistant MRSA’s Responsiveness to Ototopical Therapy in Vitro



First Place: Neela Rao, M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

TITLE: The effects of topical yeast protein extract on wound healing in healthy and metabolically compromised mouse models

Second Place: John Cramer, M.D., Northwestern University

TITLE: Venous thromboembolism in Otolaryngology: Do existing guidelines apply?

Third Place: Ryan Smith, M.D., Rush University Medical Center

TITLE: Familiarity of neonatal tracheostomy care in the NICU


2 0 1 8

First Place: Saied Ghadersohi, M.D., Northwestern University


Second Place: Dara Adams, M.D., University of Chicago


Third Place:  Aimee Kennedy, M.D., University of Chicago